Auburn Sounds Knowledge Base

  Question: I'm a customer. How to download the latest plug-ins?
  Question: How do I install Auburn Sounds plug-ins?
  Question: The Windows/ and Mac/ directories are empty
  Question: I upgraded to a new macOS and now Auburn Sounds plug-ins crash
  Question: Auburn Sounds plug-ins don't show up in my DAW!
  Question: I bought the Full Edition, but the Free Edition shows up instead
  Question: How can I hear the Full Edition features?
  Question: What are the System Requirements for Auburn Sounds plug-ins?
  Question: Where may I find older versions?
  Question: Are you M1 compatible?
  Question: I bought an Auburn Sounds plugin on the Internet and got a serial code
  Question: Does Auburn Sounds support licence transferts?
  Question: I bought a plugin with Paypal but didn't receive download links yet
  Question: Can I use the free Auburn Sounds plug-ins in commercial projects without any restriction?
  Question: I'm a media person. How do I get access to full Auburn Sounds products?
  Question: Help! My problem isn't listed in the FAQ!
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