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Crystal Clear Multiband Compander


What's this?

LENS is a spectral dynamics processor with unbelievable punch and clarity.

  • Multi-band compression without cross-over phase shifts.
  • EQ with constant phase without ringing.
  • Up to 64 companders, all working together on a stereo signal.
  • Simultaneous control of sidechain EQ and output EQ.
  • Removing information that is masked by nearby components.
  • Clean "Over The Top" multiband upwards compression.

LENS gives you complete control over your mix!


  Sound samples

On the Master Bus
Using one instance of Lens, with all features on. Track courtesy of Tommy Allen.
Low-end Control
Lens gives complete control of the low-end.
Can this rehearsal bass be saved?
Static noise, lack of low-end and timid transient makes this bass difficult to mix.
But then, we have a Lens instance.
Whole mix from rehearsal
Individual rehearsal tracks salvaged with Lens.
Also mixed in a Lens as master compressor.

Introduction Video

  How to use it?

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  Lens User's Guide What's new in Lens.

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“ All I did was slap Lens on the 2-bus of some techno and people are commenting on the mix. ”

“ This thing is excellent. ”

“ I have a feeling like it was created basically with me in mind. ”


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Download VST3 / VST2 / AAX / AU / LV2 plug-in for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
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