Reuven Amiel

“ Couture is a new generation of transient manipulation. The different options make this plugin unique and very versatile. At the same time it can give the best traditional results, but also very creative sounds. Love your Plugins!!!! THANKS!!! ” — Reuven Amiel, Grammy Winning Mixer



“ As an urban music producer / audio engineer I was always searching for powerful drums, BIG 808 bass, and full rich harmonics for my melodies. The "Couture" (Transient miracle) and "Panagement" (stereo manipulator) are the smartest, fastest and easiest plugins that can achieve that kind of sound. So I'm declaring myself, a proud day by day user! Thank you Auburn! ” — Søundboy, Mixing & Mastering Engineer



“ Graillon changed the way I worked on vocal processing and tuning. It's more than an alternative, especially if you use the mysterious Inertia knob. ” — Konrad "Konbeatz" Morgan, Mixing & Mastering Engineer


Tonal Noir

“ Graillon has to be one of the most intuitive and rich-sounding plug-ins that I have ever used. ” — Tonal, Singer-songwriter, Recording Artist, and Producer