Question: How can I hear the Full Edition features?


Auburn Sounds does not provide "demo" version of its Full plug-ins.

We have a money-back guarantee instead. If you happen to not like the sound, or find a show-stopper bug, we guarantee to refund you in the first 14 days. That has been our informal policy since the start, and it's now our official policy.

To ask for a refund, contact us at: [email protected]

Sound examples

You will find sound examples on each product page.

Why not periodic noise instead?

In the past we released demo versions with periodic noise but we found it is possible to mistake noise and the effect, and let's face it periodic noise is annoying.

Why not a time-limited demo instead?

A demo requires a licensing system we just don't have. Moreover, a demo holds your session hostage, and guarantees you won't do something really useful as part of your test. On the contrary, the Free Edition have no such limitation and can be included in your usual projects.


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