―  Couture v1.8  ―

Intuitive Dynamics


What's this?

Couture gives you exquisite control over your dynamics, and particularly attacks.

Raw Efficiency. Increase or decrease dynamics. Get a usable result, now.

Fully Volume-independent. Keep the freedom to change input gain when needed. Including the Saturation stage.

Laser-sharp. Couture's 2-bands, half-spectral, RMS, program-dependent detector finds each and every transient. No internal thresholds.

Couture is unusually versatile:

  • Make individual drum tracks a lot more dynamic and punchy
  • Remove the "click" out of a kick drum sample
  • Make a whole bus more or less dynamic in a single click
  • Give glue to a mix with light compression and saturation
  • Use a subtle saturation that preserve dynamics
  • Deess the very start of notes for vocals
  • Give life to inane lead synths

Listen to audio examples...

This is Freemium software

There are two versions:

  • Couture Free has the saturation part disabled.
  • Couture Full gets the whole deal. It's the real Couture.

Quality Assurance

Our sonic quality control has been refined to the next level of obsessiveness at the Auburn Sounds monastery.


  Sound samples

Guitar Drive preset (disabled then enabled)
Distort without changing dynamics.
On the Master Bus (disabled then enabled)
Create space between transients in a mix. Couture enabled in second half.
Acoustic Drum Gate preset (disabled then enabled)
Increase dynamics. As punchy as you want it to be.
Jabriel Biquet— Volume-independent Saturation (disabled then enabled)
Saturation is volume-independent. Add same harmonic content for loud and soft signals alike.
Snare Room Control
Couture is used to increase or decrease the amount of room reverb in this snare drum recording.

Introduction Video


“ Couture is clearly one of the best Transient Shaper on the market, offering true versatility and a precise control of transients and sustain. ”

“ Couture is simple, easy-to-use, free, and will definitely make your sounds cut through a mix. The taming of transients (turning the 'sharpen' dial to the left) is also incredible, and harsh settings will sound very similar to parallel compression on drums. ”

“ Your plugin is one of the most creative tools I worked with in recent 20 years. ”

Tomasz Wróblewski

“ The distortion section is unique and if you decide to purchase it, it will be one of the few plugins in your arsenal with no replacement. ”


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