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Panagement is the spatialization laboratory that has found its way to thousands of studios around the world. Panagement gives you raw power over your stereo tracks.

  • The Binaural Distance Panner lets you position a track anywhere in the sound field,
  • The Reverb increases realism of distance modeling with automatic early and late reflections,
  • Width and Tilt open your mix to unforeseen decisions,
  • The LFO dramatically extends the possibilities (eg: reverb ducking),
  • The Binaural Delay revisit the product, allowing more spatial complexity,
  • Comes with the sought-after PGMT-400 chip mod.

With uniquely integrated Delay, Reverb, and Binaural processing, Panagement push the limits of practical teleportation.

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This is Freemium

  • Panagement FREE gets everything except the Delay and PGMT-400 chip.
  • Panagement FULL gets everything.


Panagement is realistic by default, and then allow for unnatural customization. Panagement's algorithmic reverb, as opposed to being lush and diffusive, is rather tame and sparse, in order to easily fits in the mix.

Quality Control

Panagement has been refined to the next level of obsessiveness at the Auburn Sounds monastery.


  Sound samples

Distance modeling (headphones required)
Realism is enhanced with the recent addition of early and late reflections.
Binaural Delay (headphones required)
Panagement is used to create a polyrhythmic, binaural ping-pong delay.
Large Reverb
Panagement can model small realistic rooms, but also provide a lush, large hall reverbs.
Reverb to Delay injection
Panagement can incorporate late reflections in the delay loop. This helps create increasingly distant echoes.

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  Panagement Cheat Sheet Learn the essentials in one minute.

  Panagement User Manual What's new in Panagement.

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  Customers quotes

“ Panagement 2 is an excellent plugin allowing us to easily position sounds within the stereo space, while proposing a series of effects and modulations giving the possibility to target truly creative uses. ”

“ What you've done here is amazing, this is THE stereo management plugin I've been waiting for. Can't live any other day without it! ”


“ Panagement is truly fantastic, thank you so much for making an affordable binaural processor! ”

Max Schaffer

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Download VST / AAX / AU / LV2 plug-in for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
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