Question: I upgraded to Catalina and now Auburn Sounds plug-ins crash

macOS Catalina broke software compatibility with all existing released software.

But don't worry Auburn Sounds plug-ins have been updated in September 2019 to be compatible, you just have to reinstall them.

For Catalina compatibility you will need to update to:

  • Panagement v2.1 or newer
  • Graillon v2.3 or newer
  • Couture v1.3 or newer

I'm a FREE user

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I'm a FULL customer

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I was using Panagement 1 before

Unfortunately there is no version of Panagement 1 that works with Catalina.

You may use Panagement 2 instead. Your sessions will break, because Panagement 2 is considered a separate plug-in to Panagement 1 by your DAW.

If you don't want the hassle of updating all of your audio software, please refrain from updating to Catalina.

Question: I'm a customer. How to download the latest plug-ins?

Question: Where may I find older versions?


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