Question: Auburn Sounds plug-ins don't show up in my DAW!

There might be a lot of reasons but incorrect installation is the most frequent.

However there are additional complications in some cases.

  • If you are on macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), please reboot your computer. When you copy a new Audio Unit (or a new version thereof) to the Audio Unit folder under High Sierra, no host will see it until you reboot your computer.

  • If you purchased Panagement Enterprise Edition and still see the previous Free Edition, please check that you have copied your plug-in from the Panagement EE archive, not the Panagement FE archive. The similar names often create confusion.

  • Pro Tools subscription does not support the same set of plug-ins than a regular Pro Tools. Please check with the Free versions before purchasing.

  • In other cases, contact us by email and we'll sort it out.


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