December 5, 2022 — The Autumn UpdateSee other posts

The Autumn Update

Auburn Sounds is updating its plug-ins suite to:

  • Couture v1.7
  • Graillon v2.7
  • Lens v1.1
  • Panagement v2.5
  • Renegate v1.3

What changed in that free, maintenance update? Reading time: 3 min.

1. Platform compatibility

1.1. macOS Ventura support

This update brings support for macOS 13 Ventura, both in native and Rosetta mode.

macOS Ventura Logo


1.2. Installer should not need Rosetta anymore.

The macOS installer should now work in systems where Rosetta is not installed.


1.3. Support for Protools native on Apple Silicon

The macOS installer now ships AAX plugins that work in both arm64 and x86_64 architecture, in anticipation to future Protools support for native Apple Silicon.


2. Usability

2.1. Graillon minor/major scale presets

In Graillon, you can now select a minor or major scale by clicking on the icon there.

Graillon scale settings


2.2. Preview parameter values by hovering mouse.

In Renegate, Lens, and Panagement, who have a global viewer for parameters, hovering a parameter with the mouse will now provide its value.

macOS Ventura Logo

Lens UI is also a bit less dark, and some text was made more readable.


2.3. New User's Guide

All plug-ins got a more modern-looking user's guide, that you can find right into the ZIP folder.

New User Guide


2.4. Clicking disabled parameters

New in Renegate and Panagement: clicking disabled parameters enables the whole section.

Click to enable section


2.5 Sharper UI

Plug-ins UI are now a bit sharper.

Click to enable section

2.6 UI is using less RAM

RAM usage is better:

  • Couture 1.7: UI takes 16.2 mb of RAM, a -40% usage reduction.
  • Graillon 2.7: UI takes 20.2 mb of RAM, a -46% usage reduction.
  • Renegate 1.3: UI takes 24.9 mb of RAM, a -27% usage reduction.
  • Panagement 2.5: UI takes 22.9 mb of RAM, a -45% usage reduction.

All measurements made in 100% UI size.

3. General bug fixes

3.1. Fixed Linux animation

Fix animation going too fast in some Linux distributions. Time is now measured like SDL does.

3.2. Fixed Sluggish controls in non-VST2 with some hosts

Sliders were painful to use in Ableton VST3, with jumping values. Controls should be smoother everywhere now.

3.4 Other fixes

  • Fix Big Sur slow UI.
  • Fix macOS mouse wheel being extreme with some mouses.
  • Fix Ardour + macOS Monterey crash.
  • Many resizing fixes.

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This is a backwards-compatible, free update. Unless you were using a now-incompatible OS, your sessions should keep working as intended, and you can safely overwrite the older plug-ins with the new ones.