January 30, 2024 — Routine ImprovementsSee other posts

Routine Improvements: Auburn Sounds Plug-ins Update

Software requires maintenance. At Auburn Sounds, we are committed to offering these updates for free. If you had bought Panagement 1 back in 2016, you would have received 11 Panagement updates without paying extra.

Auburn Sounds is releasing updates for its plug-in suite, including:

  • Inner Pitch v1.1
  • Couture v1.8
  • Graillon v2.8
  • Lens v1.2
  • Panagement v2.6
  • Renegate v1.4

1. New features and Enhancements

1.1. Renegate FREE now has Sequencer unlocked

The Free Edition of Renegate now includes the Sequencer feature.

Renegate Sequencer is now free

Additionally, Renegate audio processing is now 7% faster on Intel and requires SSE3.

1.2. FL Studio plug-in format

On Windows, Auburn Sounds plug-ins come with Image Line FL Studio plug-in format support. Versions 12 and later are supported.

FL Studio logo

Note: There is currently no particular reason to use it over VST3 or VST2.

1.3. New plug-in Datasheets

Now, five of the plug-ins come with printable datasheets.


1.4. Improvements for Inner Pitch

Inner Pitch v1.1 introduces the following changes:

  • Faster audio processing (+70%).
  • New drag mode for Pitch knob: use right-click to initiate a drag that snaps to entire semitones.
  • Mono track support has been added, which will help keep the CPU usage down and also assist in displaying the plug-in in Logic..

Inner Pitch improvements in 1.1

2. Stability and Fixes

2.1. Windows installer fixes

The Windows installer is now DPI-aware. It will provide a warning during installation if the plug-in about to be replaced is already open in your DAW (typically, during a Free to Full upgrade).

Close your DAW before updating plug-ins

2.2. Faster and nicer UI

Resizing and opening plug-in UIs should be a bit faster in this update.

Additionally, all UIs have undergone subtle changes and now appear less "sad" with the new linear RGB glow and tonemapping.

2.3. Incorrect scales in Graillon

Fix incorrect presets "A major" and "G major" in Graillon.

2.4. Inner Pitch buffer error

Fixed a crash within Inner Pitch that occurred when the buffer size is increased from 64 samples to a higher value (typically observed in Studio One).

2.5 Fix Panagement latency

Corrected Panagement latency reporting (was off by one sample).

2.6. Fixed macOS crash

Fix a CoreGraphics crash that occurred during resize and instantiation in most macOS versions. This bug may have affected you over the last year and has now been addressed.

Download the installer

If you are a customer, you can access the latest downloads through our support FAQ.

If you are a free user, you may find new Free Edition downloads here:

This update is backwards-compatible and free. Your sessions should continue working as intended, and you can safely overwrite the older plug-ins with the new ones.