December 2, 2020 — Ready for Big Sur and Apple SiliconSee other posts

Ready for Big Sur and Apple Silicon

Today Auburn Sounds plug-ins are updated to:

  • Graillon v2.5
  • Panagement v2.3
  • Couture v1.5
  • Renegate v1.1

This is a maintenance update with bug fixes and platform support only.

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Ported to arm64

Our plug-in line now support macOS 11.0 "Big Sur" and Apple Silicon. Upgrade is necessary for Big Sur, even without Apple Silicon.

macOS Big Sur is here

What does this mean for performance on the new Apple Silicon devices?

  • Graillon is +77% faster when native (vs Rosetta 2)
  • Couture is +32% faster when native
  • Panagement is +94% faster when native
  • Renegate is +60% faster when native

The plug-ins will run native if your DAW has been ported to Apple Silicon too. AAX plug-ins are not ported yet.

Better X11 support on Linux

The new version has improved X11 support when using multiple instances of a plug-in. This avoids crashes when closing a window.

Fixed VST3 Midi Input in Graillon

macOS Big Sur is here

Graillon had no MIDI input when used as VST3. Now fixed in Graillon v2.5.

Fix Windows installer failures

macOS Big Sur is here

On Windows, plug-ins will now install properly when the c:\Program Files directory is named differently.

Your new downloads are here

This update is free and backwards-compatible. Your sessions will keep working. Since it's a minor version change, you can safely overwrite older plug-ins with new ones.

However, we recommend that you keep the same plugin format. If you were using VST 2.4, going VST3 will possibly hide your VST 2.4 version in some hosts, so we recommend in this case to not install the VST3 version.

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