December 19, 2019 — Actually Fixed Linux SupportSee other posts

The Boring Update

Today Auburn Sounds plug-ins are updated:

  • Graillon v2.4
  • Panagement v2.2
  • Couture v1.4

This is a maintenance update with bug fixes and performance optimizations only.

Let's describe what changed in that update. Reading time: 3 min.

Fixed Linux support


In short, we fixed all embarrassing Linux bugs.

  • Fix plug-ins crashing when opening or closing the UI
  • Fix VST3 not detected in Bitwig
  • Fix Panagement crashing in all Linux hosts...

The plug-ins should now work flawlessly in all Linux hosts.

Faster display for all plug-ins


Auburn Sounds plug-ins now display a bit faster.

  • The Physically-Based Rendering (PBR) system renders 25% faster.
  • First UI opening is 10% faster.
  • Less threads are launched by the UI. This improves total system stability.
  • On Linux, windowing is more efficient, through partial X11 updates.

That CPU usage improvement is partly used to afford a more expensive algorithm for sharper UI.

Sharper UI in all plug-ins

Better normals

The interface of Graillon, Panagement and Couture is now a bit more precise. An advanced non-linear method for computing normals from a depth buffer is now used.

This is part of our continuously-improving PBR system.

Restore MIDI input in Graillon

Graillon MIDI input

Graillon v2.2 and v2.3 had a bug: MIDI input was accidentally disabled. In the sense that it would display forced notes, but would not actually change the sound.

This is now fixed with the release of Graillon v2.4.

Get your new downloads!

This update is free and backwards-compatible. Your sessions will keep working. Since it's a minor version change, you can safely overwrite older plug-ins with new ones.