September 26, 2019 — Linux SupportSee other posts

Linux Support

Today we update our plug-ins to:

  • Graillon v2.3
  • Panagement v2.1
  • Couture v1.3

Let's describe what changed in that update. Reading time: 3 min.

NEW in all Auburn Sounds plug-ins

Linux 64-bit support

Auburn Sounds plug-ins now can be used on the Linux operating system. The one supported architecture is x86_64.

Three plugin formats are available:

  • VST 2.4
  • VST 3
  • LV2


Linux popular DAWs include Bitwig, Traction, REAPER, Ardour, LMMS... This support is experimental so it is likely you will run into small problems. Please report them so that we can fix the experience.

macOS Catalina support

Auburn Sounds plug-ins are ready for macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Windows installer

Our plug-ins were a bit difficult to install on Windows. You would copy the right DLL into the right plug-in folder.

Now you just click on the .exe file.

Windows installer

Shameful denormals

Panagement 2 used to have large CPU usage on stop with AU, AAX, and VST3 format. This bug is now fixed in all plug-ins, because it affected all plug-ins.

Fix GarageBand compatibility

This is invisible to end users, but our AUv2 implementation has been updated to use the Audio Component API alongside the Component Manager API. As a consequence of the above change, GarageBand compatibility is reestablished again. GarageBanders, rejoice.

NEW in Couture v1.3

Audio Unit validation

Couture used to produce an error in Audio Unit validation, causing it not to appear in Logic. Well, this has been fixed in this very update.

This is a backwards-compatible, free update. Your sessions will keep working as intended, and you can safely overwrite the older plug-ins with the new ones.

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