August 14, 2019 — Introducing Panagement 2See other posts

Panagement 2 is a major update of Panagement 1

Panagement is a spatialization multi-effect that carefully integrates Binaural positioning, Reverb, and Delay.


What to do with Panagement 2.0

  • Position a source in the binaural field in one click
  • Make it seem like the source is becoming distant, or coming close
  • Make it seem like you are in a real room
  • Make lush hall reverbs
  • Create tempo-synced modulations
  • Make tracks enter/exit the mix, fading into the reverb
  • Make a delay where each tap is placed binaurally.

There is a learning curve, because Panagement holds a lot of power.

Once mastered, Panagement reveals itself as a quick and immediate mixing tool for all kinds of spatialization duties.

Adding reflections


Panagement 1 had a number of problems, the most cruel of which was lack of reflections.

Panagement 2 solves this by having a Reverb with both early and late reflections.

Adding reverb


Panagement implements the classic Dattoro's "figure of eight" design, plus early reflections.

It does so with heavy modifications with regards to diffusion, air and wall simulation. Internally, the reverb has knowledge of simulated altitude, temperature and air humidity. These internal parameters are set-up through the reverb room presets. It also simulates wall material with a particular attention.

Panagement will be best at simulating mid-sized, realistic rooms with low diffusion (something that compliments binaural positioning well). Panagement can also do large halls, when increasing the Size parameter.

Panagement is not a "classic" reverb, in the sense that diffusion is kept as low as possible at all times. It is designed to easily fit in the mix.

Adding binaural delay


Panagement now integrates a Binaural Delay. Ping-pong is ON by default.

With the "Diffusion" knob, some of the late reverb is mixed into the feedback loop.

More precise modulation

Panagement 2 is now much more usable as a tempo-synced modulation tool.

  • Panagement 2 has cleaner modulation of filters. Coefficients are now updated sample-accurately.
  • Panagement 2 has cleaner modulation of gain. Gain is now applied with more punch.
  • Panagement 2 has a more precise LFO. Values are updated 4x more often.

Effect of distance on stereo width

Increasing distance will now reduce stereo width.


That influence can be increased or disabled with the "Wide" knob. When set to 0%, stereo width won't change with distance.

Adding the PGMT-400 mod


The PGMT-400 is where experimental algorithm ended up. You get to figure out what each of the 6 algorithms do.

Available now

If you are a customer, Panagement 2 FULL Edition is free upgrade. You'll find the new downloads in your account.

If you are a freeware user, Panagement FREE Edition gets every feature apart from the Binaural Delay and the PGMT-400 mod.

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