January 18, 2018 — Bringing AAX to youSee other posts

Bringing AAX to you

Today Auburn Sounds releases Panagement 1.3 and Graillon 2.1.

What's new?

AAX Native compatibility

This free update brings AAX Native compability and support in Pro Tools 11 and 12.

Graillon shifters polarity

In the Pitch Tracking Modulation panel, you can now invert the polarity of frequency shifters by right-clicking the sliders. This helps achieve a larger number of tones.

Invert polarity of frequency shifters

When a slider's LED is red, a copy of the original voice is shifted towards lower frequencies instead of the previous behaviour (frequency-shifted towards higher frequencies).

Graillon MIDI input in Cubase and Bitwig

Graillon is now able to receive MIDI input correctly in Steinberg Cubase and Bitwig Studio.

Panagement first attack

Panagement used to soften the first attack it processes. Not anymore.

Panagement automation

Changes to Panagement's panorama and LFO shape were not recorded for automation in all hosts. Now they are.

Support in Vienna Ensemble Pro

You can now use Panagement and Graillon in Vienna Ensemble Pro.

How to download?

If you are a customer, follow the instructions in our FAQ to find the new downloads.

Else you can try out the Free Editions of Graillon and Panagement.