November 7, 2016 — Panagement and Graillon 1.2 releaseSee other posts

What's new in this 1.2 free update?

This version is a maintenance update with bug fixes only. Thanks to everyone who reported the crash in Sierra and helped test the beta version!

If you are a customer, you can find the new downloads through the emails sent by Gumroad.

Bringing macOS Sierra compatibility

Panagement and Graillon 1.2 will now load correctly when instantiated on macOS Sierra. We are deeply sorry that our plug-ins were among the few that wouldn't work in the new Apple OS. The reason is highly intricate, and will be discussed in a further blog post. Hence why the fix took so long.

50% less RAM used

Both Panagement and Graillon will now use 50% less memory than in 1.1. This is actually a byproduct of the Sierra fix and wasn't intended.

Find the new free downloads here for Panagement and Graillon.