September 8, 2016 — Panagement and Graillon 1.1 releaseSee other posts

What's new in this 1.1 free update?

We fixed all the bugs we know of in Panagement and Graillon. Thanks to everyone reporting bugs and testing pre-release versions!

If you are a customer, you can find the new downloads through the original purchase email sent by Gumroad.

No more crashes

All crashes should be gone in Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, Adobe Audition, Audacity, and Digital Performer. If you still experience a crash within your DAW, please report it at [email protected].

Note that to fix the crashes, upgrading is not enough, the host program must also be restarted.

Fix pass-through of key presses to the host

Unhandled key press are now correctly forwarded to the host. You can use the SPACE bar in our plugins like with every other plugins.

No more stuck LFO in Panagement

The Panagement LFO is now always moving, even when the host sequencer is stopped. Thanks goes to David Mondrup for testing intermediate versions for us.

Also, the LFO wasn't working in Audio Unit. Fixed now!

Snappier UI

The UI of both plugins will load and show faster.

Memory savings

Both Panagement and Graillon now use about 30% less memory. You probably don't care about this, but this means you can stack more plugins in 32-bit sequencers.

Graillon becomes Freemium

Graillon now comes with a Free Edition which gets 2 out of 4 shift faders. It is also available in Audio Unit like Panagement.

Haven't tested Graillon on your voice yet? Try it here.