November 26, 2015 — Graillon 1.0 releasedSee other posts

It's a steal!

We're relieved to tell that Graillon can now be purchased through the Gumroad service.

Check out the Graillon page here.

What is Graillon again?

The general idea was to make an effect singers and producers could enjoy.

Graillon is technically a pitch-tracking poly-Bode-Shifter VST. It creates distorted growl-like vocals from clean vocals and keep consonants untouched. Its most distinctive feature is its low-latency.

How to get best results with Graillon?

Pitch and voicedness detection can get confused with already processed signals. The ideal input is a mono singing voice, before any processing, has no reverb, chorus or delay, and has minimal background noise.

I'm a journalist / blogger, any Press Releases to share?

We added a Press area for you. Do not hesitate to ask for more images or stories.

Check out the Press area.

I'm a developer, anything open-source?

dplug logo

Yes. The open-source part of Graillon is called dplug.

Discuss it on KVR:

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