Question: I'm a customer. How to download the latest plug-ins?

If you purchased our products on (after March 14th 2017):

  • Go on this page and login:

  • Didn't create an account yet? Click on "Looking for something you bought?"

If you purchased our products on (before March 14th 2017):

  • Then you might have received an email from with your new download key. This email has a link to get access to your purchase.

  • If you haven't received, or can't find, such an email: please contact us at [email protected]. We'll give you your new license.

  • Claim the license by creating an account on This way you will have access to future updates through


  • Find the email you received from Gumroad at the time of purchase time. This email has "You bought X" in your language in the topic.

  • Click on the "See the Product" link.

If you purchased our products with one of our resellers:


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