Auburn Sounds


At Auburn Sounds, we are commited to make high-quality effects with a focus on novelty, simplicity and reliability. Auburn Sounds is a one-man company and here is what we value.


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There are types of effects which are well covered by existing products and companies. We don't feel the need to release plugins that already exist elsewhere and are better.


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Who hasn't spent hours tuning some parameters in a DAW only to discover the next morning those details couldn't been heard in the first place?

The more knobs you have, the more your flow is interrupted. If a parameter is not strictly necessary, it better be removed because it costs something merely by existing: YOUR time, focus and energy.

More importantly, each parameter that does exist better be linked to a significant and good outcome when you touch it.


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In the end, music software is like all software and it has to work.

We cannot help you make better music beyond just providing tools: YOU are the one doing the hard work, and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier. Auburn Sounds' vision is that being reliable and not getting in your way is the least we can do.

We value a lot:

  • Minimal clicks or degradations. First do no harm!
  • Being "at home" good, not just good in the first five minutes.

We don't value much:

  • Marketing-heavy unverifiable claims
  • Tricking the customer


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It has to sound good, with no room left for something better. We won't make blank claims here: you can let your ears judge on the existing products. All have free versions and sound samples readily available.